Let achieve together ...

If you want to get well prepared to manage safely and competently bike or car
- You have come to the right place. Here will get the necessary knowledge and skills.
You will rediscover yourself in a new light and after each subsequent lesson, will you go in smiling and happy with the achievements.

TBI Credit

Our instructors are:

leon.bg - Driving courses Category A, M, B
Emil Petkov

Born in Sofia. Graduate NSA specialty "Motoring and Motorcycling".
More than 10 years working as a professor of automotive and motorcycle training.
Participates in films stunt.

leon.bg - Driving courses Category A, M, B
Snejana Georgieva

Born in Moldova, city Chadar-Lunga. Graduated from the Technical University - "Instructor" for categories A, B, C
Graduated from the Art Academy "Nikolay Pavlovich" - "Sculpture".
Currently working as an instructor - teacher for categories A1, A2, B, C.

leon.bg - Driving courses Category A, M, B
Victor Asenov

Born in Sofia. Graduated from high school.
Participant motorshows Ireland and England in 2009-2010 specialty in "Motokaskadi".
Currently an instructor in motocross.